Images has been in business for 36 years and has been run by the same owner, janie olmstead, who is a well-know community leader in lexington and is known nationwide through her work with the international model & talent association (imta).  “model search companies” generally don’t have these qualifications. They have no local telephone number, no local address, and no one “in charge”. When it’s all over and your money has been spent, they usually aren’t there for you and in worst cases, can’t even be located. After years of upsetting phone calls to the agency from people that fell for scams like these, janie worked with the better business bureau for over two years to establish a “modeling/talent ordinance” in the city of lexington. This helps protect the trusting public from these questionable operations.  Also, it’s important to know that images is an independently-owned business, not a franchise – so when you hear about what we do and our success stories . . . These are “our” successes not another franchise located elsewhere.