When you’re an images’ student and/or graduate, we insist you have an email address. By reading our “agency updates”, you are made aware of everything that is happening at this exciting agency.

Lexington is images’ only location.  Images is independently owned by janie olmstead. It is not franchise. Images is a member of aim (the alliance for independent members), imta (international model & talent association), lexington chamber of commerce, and, of course, central and eastern kentucky’s better business bureau.

When a client contracts images, headcards are submitted for the requested work. Everyone is treated as an equal. Clients are the decision makers 85% of the time. Occasionally, a job opens up quickly and the client doesn’t have time to make a decision, therefore images will be asked to fill the request.

There is more work in lexington than you might realize. Local and regional t.v. commercials, company training videos, product promotions in stores and restaurants, and film work.  We network with a variety of agencies in cincinnati, louisville, and nashville which opens the door for additional print and t.v. work, locally and nationally. Images is very involved in community events and work with many organizations utilizing our students and graduates.

Your hair is your hair, yet having an updated look is an important part of landing jobs. Being “stuck” in a past decade is not marketable. Study fashion magazines and work with a stylist to achieve “your” look. (donating 10 inches of hair or more might be a wonderful gesture to “locks of love”, a charity for making wigs for cancer patients and those that have a disease where they can’t grow hair. Go to locksoflove.org to check out this wonderful organization.)

We suggest you bring a snapshot to your appointment with our school director. Spending lots of money on pictures is not necessary. Photographers have a variety of styles and many take “portrait” (senior) pictures. Although, they advertise as being a “fashion” photographer. Be careful.

We offer parents the opportunity to register children under the age of four to be a part of our baby file program. A one-time only registration fee, completed form, and current picture, assures your baby will be notified of appropriate auditions.  You can find the required registration form and more details under our “babies” section under “training.”

Images has been in business since 1977 and realized early on that we must be involved in the training process. Every modeling school is different, some good and some not so good. When you’re an images’ model/actor, you represent the entire company; and it must be professional. So, yes, taking images classes is a must.

Images has been in business for 36 years and has been run by the same owner, janie olmstead, who is a well-know community leader in lexington and is known nationwide through her work with the international model & talent association (imta).  “model search companies” generally don’t have these qualifications. They have no local telephone number, no local address, and no one “in charge”. When it’s all over and your money has been spent, they usually aren’t there for you and in worst cases, can’t even be located. After years of upsetting phone calls to the agency from people that fell for scams like these, janie worked with the better business bureau for over two years to establish a “modeling/talent ordinance” in the city of lexington. This helps protect the trusting public from these questionable operations.  Also, it’s important to know that images is an independently-owned business, not a franchise – so when you hear about what we do and our success stories . . . These are “our” successes not another franchise located elsewhere.

Images uses our graduates of all heights, shapes, and sizes as there is not a height requirement in central kentucky.  However, if you plan to model in a large fashion market, 5’9″ is a minimum for females  and 5’11” for males.

Anyone can have a business card printed. Unfortunately, not everyone who has a business card is legitimate. We don’t encourage getting involved with someone soliciting business.

Images has never and will never promote dieting to the extent of being unhealthy. Being healthy and having a toned body is much more attractive to “our” clients. Top national runway models are thin and there are certain females who can achieve this look without starvation, many can’t.  As a part of images’ training programs, we work directly with a certified personal trainer in order to teach healthy habits to achieve being fit and happy.