“The entire IMTA experience for me was truly life changing. Not only was the event itself a blast but it also opened the right doors for me to start working professionally as an actor.”

Wes Robinson

“IMTA was an opportunity of a lifetime; that happened to be very rewarding. Receiving a scholarship to the New York film academy opens up so many doors for me. I get to move to New York in 7 months to pursue a career in acting. Being able to do what I love everyday and get insight and instruction from professionals in the industry. This could not have been possible without the scholarship or attending IMTA. IMTA has changed my life!”

Kendall Perry

  • 13 Reasons Why: Alex
  • Nerve (2016): Tommy
  • Parenthood: Drew Holt

Miles Heizer

“IMTA has meant the world to me! When I first started training for IMTA with Images, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was so shy. Images was able to bring me out of my shell and made IMTA such a wonderful experience! IMTA was one of the best weeks of my life and I learned so much during the convention! IMTA was able to bring me closer to my dream and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of the experience!”

Alex Thompson

“IMTA really helped me get a head start when I moved out to Los Angeles. People don’t realize How difficult it is to get an Agent in LA, and through IMTA I was able to start off with an Agent and a Manager.  It really put me ahead of the curve, so thanks IMTA and Thanks Images!”

Joseph David Jones