On-camera commercial intensive

Suzanne’s bio

actress suzanne gutierrez, a milwaukee, wisconsin native, has been starring in commercials, feature films, theater and television roles for nearly the past decade. She has been featured in a variety of commercials including walmart (with blake shelton!), hasbro, cottonelle, chase bank, sears, toyota and many more. Her national commercial for novolog flex pen is currently airing. She has also appeared on the college humor website (2 episodes with 2.5 million and 1 million views respectively), a&e, e! Entertainment and the discovery channel, among others.

When she reflects on her acting debut, suzanne remembers her third grade role as annie in her school play “annie”. More recent roles incorporate her talent and skills in feature films such as “the columbian connection,” where she worked alongside veteran actor tom sizemore and “ditch day massacre”, starring bill oberst, jr. Which won best horror feature film at the 6th annual burbank film festival.

Suzanne is in high demand because of her hispanic, filipino, german and polish heritage. She also has extensive experience in comedy with 7 years of improv training and performance throughout los angeles. Visit www.suzanneonline.com for the latest news and updates.
You will learn…

  • the “ins and outs” of commercial auditions.
  • the importance of a slate.
  •  commercial technique (there is more than one because there are different types of commercials!).
  •  what is expected of you once you book the commercial.
  • how to be yourself and avoid the generic commercial audition.
  • how not to “sell” your audition.
  • what looks good on camera and what doesn’t (you would be surprised how your favorite shirt does not look good on camera!) ***please bring 2 additional shirts as we will be doing a “round robin” with your slate into camera. You will be able to see what shirt looks good on camera.***
  • for the last 30 minutes, we will watch everyone’s work on camera including the slates and round robin details
  • saturday, august 15th from 1:30pm-4:30pm
  • class is limited to 12 people
  • ages 10+
  • cost $50 per person